ProFlow Drone Valves

Being able to strike in the drones every time without failure adds confidence to your playing. Producing a clean cut-off at the end of a set is an absolute must, in particular for pipe band players.

The Pro Flow drone valves control the flow of air to the drones, allowing for the drone reeds to strike in without failure. In addition, the valves allow you to cut off the drones with sufficient air left in the bag.

The valves are very effective and easy to set up and adjust. After fitting the valves to the drone stocks the air pressure can be adjusted to suite your set-up by turning the screw-adjuster by hand, enabling additional or less air to pass through the drone valve.

We are confident you will be very happy with the ProValve. If not, return the valves within 2 months and we will refund the amount in full. 

Set of 3 valves.

58.00 €
price incl. VAT excl. VAT 47.54 €