About us

Our names are Ottavio Gusmini and Doina Dragotoiu and we are husband and wife.

Ottavio is the owner of the shop. He is a professional musician, graduated in percussion instruments at the Milan conservatory but then fell in love with bagpipes and Scotland, to the point that he decided to move to Scotland for a couple of years to improve his piping. In Scotland he studied at the prestigious College of Piping and National Piping Center, becoming a personal pupil of the great Willie Morrison. A valued piper and a long-time teacher, he is a profound connoisseur of Scotland's culture and history. Also active in the publishing field, his publications include a method for the Great Highland Bagpipe and a book about Scottish castles and legends.

Doina, on the other hand, is a professional nurse and in the shop she is a family assistant, thus giving Ottavio an important help in the periods of greatest activity. She accompanied her husband on his long stay in Scotland, falling in love with Scotland, its landscapes and its culture, but to be honest a little less with its cold winter wind! She supports Ottavio in every initiative, so it is largely to her and to her innate encouragement skills that we owe the birth of this business.