If you love Scotland and are planning the most important day of your life, dreaming of involving the instrument that is the symbol, voice, and soul of that land in the celebrations, we can help make your dream come true.

Our Ottavio is a highly experienced piper, in possession of the Performer's Certificate obtained at the College of Piping in Glasgow, which attests to his mastery of the instrument and deep knowledge of the repertoire of Scottish bagpipes.

Over the years, he has animated hundreds of weddings, thanks also to the strategic proximity of great locations such as those on Lake Como, Lake Maggiore, and Lake Garda.

But his musical activity does not stop there: with a background as an orchestra percussionist, having graduated from the conservatory of Milan, he has performed on various occasions as a soloist, also with the bagpipes accompanied by symphonic orchestras, amateur bands, and organists.

His broad repertoire knowledge also makes him suitable for playing at any type of event, such as 

1. Birthdays and theme parties 

2. Burns Suppers

3. Christmas and corporate events

4. Product launches

5. Studio and TV recordings

6. Commemorations and funerals.

Naturally, he dresses in typically Scottish attire, both formal and more casual depending on the type of event. 

On Christmas occasions, he can even appear in a "kilted Santa Claus" variant, to make the atmosphere a little more magical.

If you want to hear Ottavio playing the bagpipes, you can check out his YouTube channel, or just check the videos below.

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