BandSpec Bagpipe Hygiene Spray

BandSpec Hygiene Spray. Mouthpiece and Pipe Bag Sterilizer.

Pipers are urged to clean their instruments. Your bagpipe mouthpiece, pipe bag, drone reeds, reed protector and chanter reed should be cleaned regularly to prevent the build-up of yeast and other harmful pathogens.

The BandSpec Bagpipe Hygiene Spray is an effective disinfectant which helps keep your mouthpiece and other bagpipe parts clean and free from germs.

60 ml BandSpec Hygiene Spray is a alcohol-free, non-toxic, anti-bacterial cleaner for the use in the cleaning and disinfecting of bagpipes. It is very easy to apply. Simply wipe off, no rinsing required.

Price per 60ml bottle

9.50 €
price incl. VAT excl. VAT 7.79 €