Highland Bagpipe Tutor Book 1

This is the perfect bagpipe tutor book providing bagpipe lessons for beginners onwards. Bagpipers and bagpipe teachers refer to this bagpipe tutor book as "the Green Book"

First produced in 1952, this book by the College of Piping's then Joint Principals Seumas MacNeill and Thomas Pearston, is by far the biggest selling book on learning to play the bagpipe ever issued, selling to date around 500,000 copies worldwide.

This is the book that has guided the progression of thousands of learners from the basic techniques to successfully mastering the great highland bagpipe.

In this latest edition (summer 2017), the book's original integrity has been maintained - a testament to the authors' clarity, coherence, and 'connection' with the learner - whilst taking cognisance of current PDQB guidelines. 

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