Reed Wrangler Flexible Ergonomic Bagpipe Mouthpiece

The ultimate solution for discerning pipers in search of an expansive oval mouthpiece to enhance their playing experience. Effortlessly adaptable, it seamlessly attaches to both round and oval mouthpieces, simplifying the fitting process. Maintenance is a breeze with its easy removal feature, facilitating hassle-free cleaning.

Experience unparalleled flexibility in all directions, ensuring optimal stability for the tip and unparalleled comfort during play. The thoughtfully designed ergonomic shape not only combats fatigue but also extends your playing sessions. Customizable to your preferred length, it's a one-size-fits-all solution for all mouthpieces.

Price pertains exclusively to the flexible rubber mouthpiece; accessories shown are not included. 

24.50 €
price incl. VAT excl. VAT 20.08 €